Securely Share Login Details

If you want us to log into your site to assist with an issue then emailing the password is not the safest practice. There are better ways to do it.

  • Never send a password by email.
  • Never send us your own login details. Create a new temporary account instead.
  • Always delete the temporary account when we’re done helping you.
  • Make a full website backup before we work on it.

Add temporary WordPress admin access

WordPress provides a way for you to give us admin access without emailing a password.

  1. Go to Users > Add New in the WordPress dashboard to create a temporary account for us.
  2. Use ujsoftware for Username.
  3. Use for Email.
  4. Use UJ Software for First Name.
  5. Leave Send User Notification checked.
  6. Choose Administrator for Role.
  7. Check 2FA Grace Period (if this field is on your form)
  8. Click Add New User then tell us you’ve made an account for us (don’t send the password).
  9. Make a reminder to delete this account when we’re done helping you.
add new temporary admin user menu

WordPress will email us a link that we can click to choose a new password. This way the password itself is never sent via email. The link will expire and we will not store the password. Instead, we’ll log in and choose “Remember Me”. You’ll then delete the account when we’re done.

delete new temporary admin user menu