The Multisite settings allow sharing of the OWM Weather system settings and Weather posts throughout the network. Instead of having to set up the system settings for each website individually, it can be done once at the Network level. In addition, the Weather posts from the Main Site can be shared throughout the Network to further cut down on administrative overhead.
The OpenWeather API calls are always cached at the Network level in a Multisite environment regardless of the settings.

Turn on the Global Multisite Setup

  • Go to Network Admin -> Settings -> OWM Weather:
    • Turn on “Global Multisite Setup” under Network
    • Store your “Open Weather Map API Key” under System
    • Set all other system settings for the Multisite
    • Click “Save Changes”.

Once the Global Multisite Setup is turned on, the OWM System Settings option will disappear from the attached websites.

Share Weather

  • Share Weather posts throughout the network:
    • Go to Main Site -> Weather -> All Weather -> Edit
    • Turn on “Network Shared” under Network
    • Publish
Multisite Main Site Edit Weather Network Shared
  • The network-shared ids start with the letter “m”. The additional column “Multisite” on the Main Site indicates if a Weather is shared.
Multisite Main Site All Weather Network Shared

Using Shared Weather on the other Websites

  • On the other websites, the Gutenberg Block shows all local Weather along with the network-shared Weather.
Multisite Web Site Gutenberg Block with Network Shared